PURE ROCK Distortion

Product Overview

As a guitar player a have used tons of drive pedals. I have always felt that, even the good ones, they always sound like ... a patch in front of your amp. It is kind of a different timbre compared with amp's original voice. With PURE ROCK Distortion I wanted to create a pedal which behaves like a dirty channel of your amp. The same voice, the same frequency print as your clean sound beneath.

Another black mark of the high gain pedals which I have tried is that they put a mask on your guitar. The higher the gain, the denser the mask on the guitar. Even if it sounds good
, you cannot recognize your guitar character. My PURE ROCK Distortion is a medium to high gain pedal which retains its transperancy through all the gain range. Even with the gain knob maxed, Les Paul sounds like a Les Paul and Tele sounds like a Tele.

One more
black mark of the drive pedals in general is that they do have a sweet spot. They sound good in certain settings but they sound flat/thin/cold with the gain knob at minimum and over-compressed/fizzy/unnatural with the gain maxed. My PURE ROCK Distortion
sounds equaly good throughout all its gain range.

The idea of
PURE ROCK Distortion in summary:

  • - medium to high gain distortion which fully coalesces into your rig without changing your frequency print
  • - keeps your guitar character unchanged/recognizable in every setting
  • - sounds equaly good through the entire gain range
​I really love my PURE ROCK Distortion! Try one for you – it is impressive!

Technical Information

- True Bypass
- Controls: Level, Drive
- It works with 9V battery or 9V boss-type DC adaptor ( negative pin )
- It consumes only 6 mA of power when ON
- Dimensions: 111 x 60 x 32 mm

Each pedal is built using high quality components as follows:

- Real Hammond TM enclosure ( powder coated and laser engraved )
- Alpha TM Potentiometers
- Lumberg TM Connectors
- Wima TM Film Capacitors
- Panasonic TM Electrolytic Capacitors


Audio samples

2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Flametop
Fender American Vintage '57 Stratocaster Reissue
Here are couple of AUDIO SAMPLES of PURE ROCK Distortion. Both samples have been made with backing tracks. The idea is to represent the PURE ROCK Distortion voice in a band mix. It was recorded with my beloved 5e3 Tweed Deluxe combo. Note how both used guitars are easily recognizable - sharp-attacked glassy tones of the Strat and all the meaty roar of the Les Paul.

Listening to the VIDEOS below you can get the idea of the Tweed Deluxe's clean tone beneath. The timbre remains unchanged no matter of gain settings.
These were all the goals which I tried to get over and I am extremely happy with the results!


Guitars: 2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Plus
             Fender American Vintage '57 Stratocaster Reissue

Amplifier: 5e3 Tweed Deluxe 1x12 Combo

Speaker: Celestion G12M Greenback

Mic: Sennheiser E609

* Special thanks to the glorious guitar player Nikolay Karageorgiev for the video presentation made especially for Namika effects. His gear in the video:

Guitar: Gibson Les Paul Standard

Amplifier: Peavey Classic 50


Gibson Les Paul Standard - 5e3 Tweed Deluxe 1x12 Combo - Celestion G12M Greenback
Fender American Vintage '57 Stratocaster Reissue - 5e3 Tweed Deluxe 1x12 Combo - Celestion G12M Greenback
* Special thanks to the glorious guitarist Nikolay Karageorgiev for this video presentation. Gibson Les Paul Standard - Peavey Classic 50
Abel Franco Presentation - Mesa Boogie Lonestar Classic 2x12
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